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2018 Concour Sponsors

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Concour d'Elegance

The Mercedes-Benz Club of NSW will stage its Concour d'Elegance display of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this year combined with the SGA Day, on Sunday 28 October 2018. The venue is Gough Whitlam Park, Bayview Ave, Earlwood, which is next to the Cooks River, and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is an ideal location for a picnic, with a children's playground, and outdoor cafe with sandwiches, pastries, coffee and tea. We look forward to your participation on the day as either an entrant or observer.

About Concour d'Elegance

A Concour d'Elegance (from French, meaning a competition of elegance) dates back to the 17th Century French aristocracy, who paraded horse-drawn carriages in the parks of Paris during Summer weekends and holidays. Over time, the gatherings became a competition among automobile owners to be judged on the appearance of their automobiles. MBCNSW held its first Concour d'Elegance on Sunday 15 April 1973 at Centennial Park in Sydney, in conjunction with the Porsche Club.

How to Enter

Simply complete the MBCNSW Concours Entry Form and either post, or bring it with you to the monthly general meeting.

Check MBCNSW Concours Classes to determine the right class for your vehicle.

More information is available here MBCNSW entrants letter.

Judging Criteria

Skilled judges examine each vehicle thoroughly and in its entirety. The judges then rate each and every component as per MBCNSW Concour Judging Criteria. The general aim is to present a vehicle in the same (or better) condition, than it was in when it left the production line.